Thursday, February 27, 2020

Service Product Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Service Product Analysis - Essay Example These factors might seem insignificant but when observed in depth, reveals the fact that they are capable of manipulating the level of satisfaction as well as the behaviour of a customer in a positive and in a negative way. Both the factors of behaviour and satisfaction isn relation to a customer hold huge importance in the service industry. Importance of Servicescape Servicescape is said to be the structure or the physical atmosphere that encircles the service. As the individuals present in this physical atmosphere also form and manipulate the atmosphere, so, the social atmosphere or environment is incorporated in the above definition too. A quite vital role is played by the servicescape in forming the expectations of the customers, differentiation in service, making easy the objectives of the customer along with the employees and manipulating the characteristic of the experiences of the customers. It is capable of manipulating the relationship objectives of customers who are import ant. It begins with drawing the customers to withholding and also in improving the relationship between the customer and the service firm. The appearance and structure of Servicescape assists in drawing customers towards the facility of the offered service. For instance colours, scent, signs and music could be made use to draw customers. After this the Servicescape would assist in providing experience to the customers and manipulate his or her level of contentment through the deliverance of the service (Swartz and Iancobucci 2000). Thus, it can be understood that servicescapes are not only a significant factor in shaping impression of a particular customer but is even a significant basis of fact while assessing along with the service organisation on the whole. It is quite important in the industry of hospitality where the customers interrelate along with the physical atmosphere compared to anything else. It implies that customers relate to the servicescape even before having an expe rience or understanding of the service. Therefore, it is a variety of environmental signs and physical elements which help persons outline a picture that is holistic regarding the whole servicescape (Donovan and Rossiter 1981) The Purpose of Service Environment Servicescapes which is also known as service environment narrates about the appearance as well as style of the physical environment along with other experiential components witnessed by customers at the sites of service organisations. For service organisations which discharge services of high-contact, the structure of the physical setting and the way in which jobs are carried out in the course of contact with the customers by the employees, together play an essential part in forming a specific corporate distinctiveness and outlining the characteristic of the understanding of the customers. This particular physical environment and its associated atmosphere have an effect on the behaviour of the buyer in few important ways. The environment serves as a medium of message creation by employing cues that are representational in order to correspond to the planned audience regarding the distinguishing characteristic and quality of the experience related to the service. It serves as a medium of attention creation in order to make the physical envi

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